Hi, I'm Mel.
I create things on the internet.

I’m a creative at heart, and have over 12 years experience crafting beautiful and usable responsive websites and digital products. Inclusive design, accessibility, performance, and empathy are all at the forefront of my work. I'm intrigued with how and why people use digital products, and what I can do as a designer to enhance their experience. I approach challenges with curiosity and empathy.

Over the past decade, I have had the opportunity to be a part of some pretty amazing projects. Check the patches below to view some of my work.

I love to focus on the intersection of design and engineering, particularly focusing on the user and their experience. I was drawn to UX in an effort to better understand the user’s story. What is the user’s experience? What are their frustrations? What do they enjoy? And ultimately, what can I do to help make the product more enjoyable, useable, and accessible for all users.

I'd love to hear about your upcoming project and discover what we can build together. Let's chat.

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Let's chat
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