Design Challenge: January

Donuts in a symmetrical pattern

This month, I spent some time working on various design challenges. Each challenge allowed me to explore different design styles, typography, color schemes, and ultimately improve my focus and skills as a designer.

Challenge #1: Signup Page

Design Challenge: Signup Page

A simple sign up page for a yoga video streaming service. Here I wanted to explore colors and typography that invoked a sense of calm. A teal blue was chosen for the main color while the purple would be used for accents. A serif font along with a good amount of white space was used to further express the sense of calm.

Challenge #2: Checkout Page

Design Challenge: Checkout Page

A mobile checkout page for a weekly meal kit delivery service. The checkout process was broken down into four different steps to eliminate the need for an overly long scroll. A color palette of orange and green was used to represent vibrance and health.

Challenge #3: 404 Page

Design Challenge: 404 Page

A 404 page for a personal photography portfolio. Here I wanted to emphasize the photo, but also represent a barren or empty landscape to represent the missing or non existent content. The message clearly tells the user that content is not available and suggests using the navigation links provided, and a direct link back to the home page.

Challenge #4: Settings

Design Challenge: settings

A redesign of Logic Pro X’s channel EQ settings. I wanted to try out the neumorphism (new + skeuomorphism) design trend with this challenge. As a casual user of Logic, I’ve notice that many of the plugins incorporate skeuomorphism, the practice of imitating a real object look, feel, and functionality in the UI design (think knobs, buttons, and textured wood backgrounds). With neumorphism, the realism is a bit softer. A challenge here was designing with enough contrast using a dark UI, but with the Stark plugin for sketch, I was able to quickly check color contrast ensuring my design can meet WCAG 2.0 level AA requirement.